Hi!  My name is Kathy Warren and I am the proud owner of  Persnickety-Pets Pet Sitting Services.  I share my home with Lloyd, my husband, and 2 wonderful Aussies named Diamond and Ryder.  I am still grieving the loss of my beautiful Aussie boys, Chance and Patches, but am comforted to know that they are finally hanging out together again at the Rainbow Bridge.  Our furry friends leave such big paw prints on our hearts.  I now have two beautiful babies to help fill the void that my boys left.  Blue Diamond Crystal is a gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, with the prettiest blue eyes and sauciest attitude - she is definitely a diva.  Red Ryder Garnet is my handsome Red and White Australian Shepherd, who is as laid back and sweet as Diamond is feisty!  They complete our lives and we cherish every moment with our furkids!

Persnickety Pets Pet Sitting Services (and Boutique) is a professional pet sitting service that will accommodate all your pet's needs while you are away.  This is pet sitting in your home, alleviating the stress and anxiety your pets suffer when left in a strange place, and with strange people.  Your pets will be much less stressed at your leaving if they are in a familiar place where everything says "home".  Please visit Our Services to check out all the perks of having a pet sitter come to your home, or Why a Pet Sitter?, to determine if a Pet Sitter would be right for you, and Our Rates where you will see that the cost of a pet sitter is comparable to leaving them at a kennel with minimal risk of acquiring fleas or disease, as they would in a kennel.  I am also proud to specialize in unique pet products for the persnickety pets.  Products such as Castlemere Creations and Danica Fine Dining Ware for pets.  Please visit The Boutique to check out all the neatest pet products I could find to sell!!  To get all the scoop on pet sitting in your home, visit our Services Page. 
Persnickety-Pets Pet Sitting (and Boutique)
                                         We provide "purr-sonable" quality pet care!
About Us
Scooter - Devil Dog
I have owned and operated Persnickety-Pets Pet Sitting Services now for 10 years!  With the retirement of my friend and business partner, Sandi Reynolds, lots of changes are coming to the biz.  Sandi and her husband were planning on traveling the US in their motorhome, but got derailed in Live Oak, FL where they found some property that they couldn't live without.  They happily moved "up-north" in February and are dearly missed!  With the retirement of Sandi, my sister Laurie has been working part-time for Persnickety-Pets.  It is going to be an exciting time soon because my sister is joining the team full-time, and we have once again opened the business for new dog clients!!

My sister Laurie, after many, many years as an Optician, has decided to retire from the corporate field and become a pet sitter too.  She is making the move from New Port Richey to the St. Pbg. area.  Once here she will be handling the dog visits.  Laurie is married to her best friend Allan, and has a lovely 22 year-old daughter named Megan (who will occasionally help with the pet sitting), and a rambunctious 5 year-old son, named Tyler.  New and exciting things will soon be coming her way too and she is excited to start pet sitting full time.
Diamond the Diva
Red Ryder - One Ear Up
Best Buds
The Pups
Laurie & Tyler
Diamond & Me
Rest in Peace my sweet baby boys!  I know you are running and playing with all your friends at the Rainbow Bridge, but I do miss you terribly!  You left beautiful paw prints on my heart!!
CHANCE - My Shadow, My Friend
May 5, 1997 - November 13, 2012
PATCHES - My Protector, My Heart
April 24, 1999 - June 9, 2012
HAPPY RETIREMENT!!  Sandi, Dale, McGwyver, and Scooter the Devil Dog!!